The Global Cost of Hearing is a Surprising Number

The Global Cost of Hearing is a Surprising Number

Hearing is a practical sense, and damaging it can lead to a lack of comprehension, difficulty understanding speech, or difficulties communicating in person. 

The cost of hearing loss has been seen in public data, and it’s staggering. The CDC estimated that 48 million Americans have some form of hearing loss. That means approximately 15% of the American population is either deaf or hard of hearing. 

The global costs are even more significant, as we’ll see in this article.

The global cost of hearing loss

Have you ever considered how much hearing loss costs on a worldwide scale? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 430 million individuals – or 5% of the global population – have debilitating hearing loss, making it difficult to work or maintain a social life.

Based on this figure, researchers believe that the global cost of hearing loss is about $1 trillion. This number was based on the following criteria:

  • The significant expense of untreated hearing loss in terms of overall health.
  • Loss of life quality. 
  • Children with untreated hearing loss have worse educational achievement.
  • Hearing loss or a lack of education might lead to exclusion from the workforce.
  • The cost of hearing aids or cochlear implants to treat hearing loss.

Hearing loss has an exceptionally high global cost in low-income countries. According to the survey, low-to-moderate-income countries accounted for 57% of worldwide hearing loss expenditures, while East Asian countries accounted for 23% of total costs.

Protect yourself from the costs of hearing loss

Hearing loss is becoming more common. According to the WHO, millions more individuals will suffer from hearing loss in the next 30 years. They estimate that up to 2.5 billion people will have hearing loss by 2050.

Let’s look at ways to protect yourself from paying out-of-pocket for your hearing issues.

Use hearing protection

Increased hearing loss awareness and promotion of hearing protection are two ways to reduce the expense of hearing loss. Unsafe listening puts children, teenagers, and younger people at risk of hearing loss. They frequently listen to dangerously loud music or audio using headphones for several hours each day. This can result in long-term hearing loss.

Adults who work in noisy environments are also at risk of hearing loss. Hearing loss can be prevented by increasing hearing loss awareness and improving access to hearing protection.

Treat yourself

Hearing loss treatment can significantly impact the global cost of hearing loss! Hearing loss treatment can help you maintain your physical and mental wellness while minimizing your healthcare costs. Hearing aids require an initial investment, but they pay off handsomely.

Treatment for hearing loss also reduces job loss owing to hearing difficulties. You can keep performing your best work and adding value to your team if you can hear clearly.

The hidden costs of hearing loss

According to the report, over 83 percent of hearing loss goes untreated globally. Meanwhile, hearing aids are used by less than 30% of older persons in the United States. Only 16 percent of adults who use hearing aids have ever used hearing aids in younger adults!

Untreated hearing loss comes with a hefty price tag, and it’s not just monetary. You’ve probably noticed the indicators of hearing loss if you haven’t had it addressed. You may expend a lot of energy straining to hear, and you may be completely drained by the end of the day. You may find it difficult to follow discussions, feel ashamed to ask friends to repeat themselves and begin to isolate yourself at home. Hearing loss is associated with a worse quality of life, increased social isolation, and poor mental and physical health.

The time is now!

We recommend that you address your hearing loss as soon as possible, given the enormous global and personal costs. Come in for a hearing exam and learn more about your hearing requirements. 

Hearing aids can assist you in remaining active and social. They can also assist you in maintaining excellent job standards, spending quality time with family and friends, and preventing physical and cognitive deterioration.

It’s time to invest in your hearing health, so make an appointment with us now. We offer hearing aids with features to help you hear in any situation. We’ll work with you to identify the best hearing equipment for your needs, lifestyle, and budget if you have hearing loss.