Hearing Aid Supplies and Accessories

Hearing Aid Supplies

Hearing aid supplies are available to maintain and improve hearing aid performance.  Hearing aid supplies are designed to maintain your hearing aids to ensure years of quality performance. Hearing aid supplies include:

  • Power One hearing aid batteries
  • Super Dri Aid hearing aid dehumidifier
  • Dry & Store Global electric hearing aid dehumidifier and sanitizer
  • Dry-Bricks for Dry & Store Global
  • Earmold blower for custom hearing aid earmolds
  • Battery testers
  • Clips to allow hearing aids to attach to clothing
  • Wax traps to prevent earwax (cerumen) from entering the hearing aids
  • Brushes and picks for hearing aid cleaning

Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing Aid AccessoriesHearing aid accessories are also available that allow your hearing aids to connect, either wirelessly of with a wire, to other listening devices.  These include:

  • Device to allow connection to Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Telephone that connects wirelessly to hearing aids
  • Device that allows Bluetooth cell phone to connect directly to hearing aids
  • Bluetooth television transmitter
  • Bluetooth microphone

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening DevicesOther assistive listening devices are also available. Although we do not provide these items, our audiologist will discuss them with you to find options that best serve your needs.  These can include:

  • Amplified telephones
  • Wireless television headphones
  • Personal amplifiers
  • Amplified and flashing alarms
  • FM systems
  • Infrared systems