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We are a patient-oriented practice providing personalized services to diagnose and effectively treat hearing-related disorders.

We listen.  We address each patient’s needs, treating them as we treat our own families.  By far, most of our new patients are referred to us by existing patients and physicians that we have worked with over the years.  

Putting our patient’s needs first best serves our patients and, ultimately, the success of this practice.  It is what has allowed us to grow from a small part-time practice to where we are today, and to where we expect to be in the future.

From a precise and comprehensive diagnosis through the entire treatment process, our goal is to serve each person individually.  Treatment may include the following:

  • Hearing Aids

    If you have a hearing loss and would like to take advantage of our 30-day trial period with hearing aids, we can help you choose the right hearing aid for your hearing loss and lifestyle.

  • Assistive Listening Device Technology

    Our audiologist will help you find devices that best serve your needs. These devices include amplified telephones, personal amplifiers, and amplified/flashing alarms.

  • Medical Referrals

    We work with closely with physicians and other healthcare providers to diagnose and treat hearing loss and other disorders of the ear. These include otolaryngologists (ENTs), neurologists, primary care physicians, pediatricians, and speech-language pathologists.

  • Patient & Family Counseling

    Hearing loss does not just affect the person with the hearing loss. It affects others as well, especially the immediate family. Treating hearing loss will often involve providing information and compensatory strategies to not just the patient with the hearing loss, but also to other people in their lives. Please feel free to bring loved ones with you to your appointments, so we can address as many aspects of the hearing loss as possible.