Hearing Aid Fitting

If you have a hearing loss and would like to take advantage of our 30-day trial period with hearing aids, we can help you choose the right hearing aid for your hearing loss and lifestyle.

Hearing Aid Evaluation

hearing aid evaluation will be scheduled.  During this appointment we will:

  • Evaluate your hearing needs
  • Ask you questions about your lifestyle and communication goals
  • Discuss the advantages and limitations of different hearing devices
  • Provide you with a choice of appropriate hearing aids that range in style and price
  • Discuss the impact of the hearing aid choices with you
  • Take any measurements and impressions of the ear necessary to order the hearing aid

Hearing Aid Fitting

hearing aid fitting will be scheduled next.  During this appointment we will:

  • Make sure the hearing aid fits you properly and make any necessary adjustments
  • Program the hearing aids based on your hearing test results
  • Make any adjustments to the hearing aids to suit your individual needs
  • Explain how the hearing aids work and show you how to use them properly
  • Show you how to clean and take care of the hearing aids
  • Discuss realistic expectations and strategies with you and your family members
  • Discuss the 30-day trial period and hearing aid warranty, including repair, loss, and damage

Hearing Aid Follow-up Appointments

Hearing Aid Follow-up Appointments are perhaps the most important piece to a successful hearing aid fitting.  These are crucial to ensure the hearing aids are providing you with optimal benefit.  There are typically 2 or 3 initial follow-up appointments within the first month of a hearing aid fitting, and can occur at any time afterwards.  During these appointments we will:

  • Discuss with you how things are progressing with the hearing aids
  • Discuss with you and family members methods to optimize hearing aid use
  • Address any problems or concerns you may have with your new hearing aids
  • Clean and maintain the hearing aids
  • Make adjustments to the hearing aids to improve sound quality and benefit
  • Discuss cleaning and maintenance methods as needed