When to Get New Hearing Aids

When to Get New Hearing Aids

It is possible for those who have become accustomed to wearing hearing aids to forget you are wearing them at all. After years of use, you may be pretty comfortable with the amplified sound offered by your existing hearing aids, and you might not even notice the times when they leave you wanting more. 

Hearing aids tend to be a significant investment, so relying on their functionality for as long as possible is smart. However, although you might feel that your hearing aids are doing their job for you, asking yourself a few basic questions might reveal that it is time to examine new options for hearing devices. 

You are having trouble understanding others in noise

Although older models of hearing aids are good at amplifying the entire sound profile, some of them are not so good at isolating particular sounds. 

Many people with older hearing aid models raise the overall sound volume to a higher level, and sometimes that level of volume can be overwhelming for the brain. Take, for instance, a social gathering or a busy restaurant. When the overall volume level has been raised, it is possible to struggle to isolate the voice of the person sitting right in front of you. 

Newer hearing aid models are better at identifying an individual’s voice and amplifying that sound while leaving the background noise at a quieter level. This example is only one of the many contexts in which hearing can be difficult with an older hearing aid model. If you investigate the options, you might find that a newer model is better suited to your needs. 

Your lifestyle has changed

Though your hearing aids might have been suited to your lifestyle when you purchased them, some changes to the way you live can mean that a new set of hearing aids is in order. 

Perhaps you have taken up more active hobbies, such as jogging, hiking, yoga, or even swimming. Though it might not have been the case when you purchased your hearing aids, newer models are better suited to these activities. With smaller units that fit comfortably in your ear canal, you can move freely without losing the ability to hear. Some new hearing aid models can even be worn while swimming if you so choose. If you find limitations in your current hearing aids, it is worth asking if newer models can suit your needs. 

You’re sending your aids in for repairs too often

Even if your hearing aids are good at doing their job and suited to your lifestyle, you might find that they break or have other technical issues more often than you would like. 

Older hearing aids might have malfunctions or battery issues that require you to send them back to the manufacturer too often. You might find that an older set of hearing aids with a rechargeable battery does not hold their charge like they used to. If this is the case, a new device can offer reliability and continued functioning uninterrupted by technical issues. 

You want to take advantage of new technology

One more reason to explore new hearing aid options is the availability of innovative features that might enhance your hearing experience. 

New hearing aid models can be synced with your devices, such as a smartphone, music player, or television, through Bluetooth technology. The sounds from these units can be sent directly to your hearing aids for your convenience. When these devices work in tandem, you will not have to worry about missing a phone call or raising the volume on the television too high. 

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