Vince & Carol M.

In by Brian

If you are waiting to hear again, make a call to Brian McClintock at HearClear Hearing Center today and literally, change your life! We both were frustrated with our hearing losses and the difficulties we had with communication. Brian spent time checking our hearing and explaining to each of us where our problems existed and how they could be remediated. We were each fitted with the proper hearing aid for our needs. The exam was painless, the fitting simple and comfortable and the results AMAZING! Our aids are so small, that no one notices we are wearing them. They are so comfortable, that we often almost forget to remove them before going to bed. There is no limit to contacting Brian if necessary–even a small adjustment is handled quickly and with no extra cost. Brian can help anyone, young or old, to have a happier, hearing life. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain with one phone call and a visit to Brian McClintock.